Results Oriented, Solutions Driven.

TechResults provides a full range of data services and solutions designed to maximize the value of your business data. Using a combination of best of breed technologies and industry leading data management consultants, we provide the following:


Capital Markets Data Management

Targeted solutions for the Capital Markets industry to enhance your market information and improve operational efficiencies.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk identification and assessment, as well as implementation of strategies and monitoring activities to reduce risk and exposure.

Credit Risk / Market Risk Assessment

Aggregate credit and market data across disparate systems to accurately forecast, measure and monitor potential risk.

Data Security Management

Identification and classification of all data and the implementation of controls needed to prevent data loss.

    Data Solutions include:

  • Capital Markets Data Mgmt.
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Credit Risk Assessment
  • Market Risk Assessment
  • Data Security Management

Not sure where to begin? Consider our Data Quality Assessment service for a complete analysis and recommendations on how you can maximize the value of your critical business data.